New track from Vederkast!

Vederkast – Reflections Linger

5 Oct 2018, on all digital outlets.

Vederkast is set to release the second and last single from their new album, And In The Abyss They Sleep. The single named ‘Reflections Linger’ explores relations between people in a challenging situation, and though the word «ballad» is not a correct description, the sound is massive, melodic and emotional.

The song was, like the rest of the album, recorded live at the small village of Bleik on Andøya Island, surrounded by majestic mountains and the mighty sea. This made the recording process really special and definitely created a unique atmosphere in the music. Members from the local brass band also contributes on the single.

Cover art by Marni Kruse

Pre-order And In The Abyss They Sleep here! Release 16 Nov.

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