Bailltak release new album!

Bailltak released Finnmark on Rob Mules Records 3th of May!

The album has over time gained traction and has made quite an impact on both press and fans alike. Seems like they all are loving it! Go Finnmark!

“In terms of genre, it is broad-legged, but never in danger of ending up in a crossroads. The band is credible and confident in its message and style, which has solid roots in hard rock, metal, trash and punk.” (5/6, Norway Rock Magazine)

Ohmwork’s best album to date?

Ohmwork released their sixth studio album In Hindsight back in October last year to great praise!

In Hindsight came out to hight paise from press and fans 13th of October 2023! Just read the following!

“Heavy music, but melodic, refined, intelligent, well-finished, extremely well arranged: it’s doom with theatrical hints (…)” (8/10, Metalhead)

Bailltak on RMR!

We are very happy to announce Bailltak to our roster! Bailltak hail from Vadsø/Finnmark.

The story of Bailltak started in a trench on a norwegian home guard exercise in 2017 where two of them met. From being a team in green with rifles, they became band members in Metallica t-shirts and electric guitars in a rehearsal studio in Vadsø Rock City.

After a support gig for Attan in early 2019, they decided to make their own music. In the autumn of 2019, Bailltak released two songs, ‘Heksejakt’ and ‘Djevelskap’. On February 11, 2022, the EP Blodhevn was released on all digital platforms. It was in the wake of the release of the EP that Rob Mules Records made their move …

Welcome, Bailltak!

Band photo by Rune Ottarsen
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Sublime Eyes are back!

Out of Covid’s ashes Sublime Eyes rise with their brand-new EP, From Light unto Darkness.

Heavier, darker, and more melodic than ever. Releasing on 24 February 2023.

Sublime Eyes are back to conquer all with their thrashy and epic death metal.  The lyrical theme on this EP explores the temptation of evil, and the evil that man do to each other. The journey from the light to darkness. From good to evil.

This EP also marks the first release with drummer, Tommy Utsola, and sadly the last to feature longtime bassist Jørn Helseth. From Light unto Darkness also features some great guest appearances by people from bands we admire and respect. Sublime Eyes can’t wait to unleash these songs upon the world.

Band photo by Martin Mirandab
Cover art by Niklas Sundin

New album from Féleth!

Féleth is ready as they’ll ever be with Divine Blight! Coming out 11 November on Rob Mules Records!

Divine Blight is the next upcoming album from Féleth from Alta, Norway – a beautiful quintet consisting of a joyful bunch of musical boys who play what they themselves call «technical deathrock».

They debuted in 2020 with Depravity which was highly praised both nationally and internationally with strong reviews, but due to the pandemic there were neither any tours nor gigs for the group. However, the pandemic did not stop the boys from reaching an even higher level for their second album Divine Blight.

With Divine Blight the boys step a bit out of their previous death/thrash sound and into something that is more modern and even more melodic than before, but still within the reach of the sound they’ve already established for themselves.

What you’ll find that Féleth have refined upon with this new release is mainly song structures, complimenting blasting beats with new and improved hooks leading too far more memorable melodies and headbangable tunes. Returning fans will find a new and unique experience, while distinctly retaining the core tone of Féleth.

Band photo by Dánil Røkke
Cover art by Kahinienn Graphix

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‘USA’ by Féleth!

14 October Féleth release their third single ‘USA’ from the forthcoming album Divine Blight!

The third and last single from Féleth’s second album, Divine Blight, dives into a more genre fused song, starting off in a gentle and emotional soundscape driven by a powerful bass line before venturing into melodic and powerful choruses.

Probably the most unique song out of Féleth’s catalog, once again accompanied by their good friend Petter Carlsen (Pil & Bue), venturing into a more mellow and melancholic sound which is very different from anything they’ve done before, yet still staying true to their death metal roots.

With powerful lyrics that deal with the oppression that civilized cultures have brought upon natives around the world, touching upon how the Scandinavian people repressed the Samis while drawing aline towards what happened to the Native Americans, showcasing Espens lyrical prowess based on relevant subjects

Cover art by Kahinienn Graphix

Féleth launch new track!

New track ‘Avarice’ hits the shops september 9!

New single release from Féleth is right around the corner! After ‘Majesty’ (released earlier this year) we have all been dying for more music from their much-awaited second album, Divine Blight (more info on this shortly)!

The song was magically forged during a jam session, showcasing a more melodic and atmospheric take on their music, going into a more blackened death metal style.

Having evolved from their debut album, you’ll find Féleth going a bit more progressive with the musical songwriting, with chaotic guitars combined with huge leads, drums that go from death and black metal into hip-hopesque patterns, while they still maintain their overall heaviness.

Cover art by Kahinienn Graphix

Féleth signed to RMR!

We are extremely happy to announce the Norwegian death metal band Féleth on Rob Mules Records!

Féleth will release a new album later this year! To kick it into high gear, a new track called ‘Majesty’ is dropping with a complementary music video today on the 8th of April!

In 2020 Féleth debuted with Depravity which was highly praised both nationally and internationally with strong reviews:

“It’s a very easy album to get drawn into and find yourself head-banging too instinctively.” (9/10, Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life)

“Féleth does death metal fast and aggressive, reigning in their impressive technical chops for maximum impact” (The Toilet ov Hell)

“Féleth offer an edge-of-your-seat experience that is both fresh and captivating.” (9/10, Metal Inferno)


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Band photo by Charlotte Tangen

Q&A with Malossi

Malossi’s ‘Blanke Barter’ is out 13.august. Last week we had a chat with the band – just days before the album release. Read on!
  1. Blanke Barter will be released this Friday! What would you like to tell our audience about your new release? 

Well, this is our first full album in Norwegian. By writing in our mother tongue we slightly shifted our mindset and direction, and ended up adding more weight and bleak honesty to the music. The songs are 10 small stories that portray experiences and characters from our own lives. 

Although we inhabit a genre that typically focuses on “the riff”, we have been focusing on the songs as a whole without sacrificing those sweet sweet riffs. The album looks awesome, and sounds even better. It’s got ten solid bangers, all with great melodies, groove, and torrents of heavy riffs.  

2. Can you please elaborate a bit on the process of making the album and why you chose to record it at The Boogie Bunker? 

The Boogie Bunker is Malossi’s own project studio. We actually started by recording drums as a sort of pre-production, while we were sorting out which studio to choose for the “real” sessions. The drum recording turned out great though, and we began to consider using them for the final product. We sent the raw tracks to Chicago-based producer Matt Dougherty (Megadeth, Disturbed, Alien Ant Farm etc.) for a second opinion, and on his advice decided to stick with the original drum recording and do the rest of the tracking ourselves as well. Covid struck shortly after, but we were then able to keep the process going, as we sat isolated in our own little den.  

We had the idea of including musical friends from outside of Malossi as well on this album, and as soon as the C19-situation allowed it we started inviting musicians to “The Bunker” to lay down parts for different songs.

The final mixes were done by Daniel Bergstrand in Sweden. We have been a fan of his work with bands like Meshuggah and In Flames since the late nineties. For our album he worked with Meshuggah guitarist Fredrik Thordendal, and together they lifted the production to a whole new level, without compromising on our sound.  

3. Can you expand on how the artwork for the album came together?

We used Thomas Moe Ellefsrud aka Hypnotist Design for the album- and singles artwork. We discovered him on Instagram, just slid in his DMs and hired him on the basis of what we had seen on his profile. I guess that concept wise we only knew we wanted a big face with a mustache on the cover, and that we wanted to have a strong and bright color for the sleeve. Thomas immediately catched the vibe of what we were looking for, and the artwork was conceived and finished as we watched him work real-time in video meetings. It was a really cool process, and the result was perfect! 

4. What’s in store for Malossi the coming year? Any tours planned? 

We’re aiming to play as much live as possible following the album release. We’ve had no opportunity to set up a continuous tour, given the uncertainty regarding the live situation these days. We have booked a number of “one shot” gigs though, are stocked up on merch, vinyls and cassettes, and are aching to play. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for a return to something that resembles a normal live music scene within 2021. 

Ah, and also we are recording a new music video after the summer! Not gonna spoil too much of it now, but we can say it will be quite different from the “Kløpp Dreieventiln” video. 

5. Anything else you wish to share? 

We’ve gotten help from a lot of people this time around. For instance, from our friends contributing musically: Richard Gjems on blues harmonica, Bjørn Einar Hanstveit on percussion, Rune Flobakk on keys, Kristian Plassgård on slide guitar and a sparkling solo, Egil Stemkens on double bass and finally Børre Mølstad on free jazz tuba. Also, the video for “Kløpp Dreieventiln” would never have happened without the moped gang Slakteradn and the multi-skilled Anders Håheim directing, editing, and doing nearly all the heavy lifting. That video ended up awesome, and we owe them everything for that. Same thing with the lyric video for “Drømmer På Boks” by Finn Aagaard.