Hard rock from Oslo/Norway

Razorbats released their critical acclaimed II on Rob Mules Records 16 Feb 2018.

“Razorbats II is already in February a strong contender for the title “Album of the Year”” (9,5/10, Neckbreaker)

“This is a simply great album that I have been playing repeatedly since I got it. If you can’t have fun with Razorbats’ II album, do everyone a favor and don’t go to parties… You’re lame, boring, and would just bring people down.” (9/10, Glitter 2 Gutter)

Photo: Yngvar Sørensen

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A death metal band from Stavanger/Norway

Album Epidemic released 20 September 2019.

“At times complex yet always catchy, Path of Trees is an awesome record that all lovers of extreme music ought to invest in.” (5/6, Eternal Terror)

 “The music draws more towards a melodious direction. Especially the solos, and there are a lot of them!!, benefit the band and album” (8/10,

Photo: Helge Knudsen

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Sublime Eyes

Melodic death metal hailing from Stavanger/Norway

The album Corrocean came out 23 August 2019 on Rob Mules Records.

From the rainy Stavanger southwest of Norway, the melodic thrash/death metal band Sublime Eyes has constantly moved towards larger scenes and a larger audience. They have shared a poster with some of metal’s bigger actors. No matter where Sublime Eyes play the audience are left with sore necks and a vitamin injection one has barely seen. 

Photo: Helge Knudsen

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Power trio based in Tromso/Norway

Concept album HorrorWorks came out 13 September 2019.

“Of the eight songs, there is really no bad one! Ohmwork therefore appears to be a pleasant surprise for me; seriously a must for the classic heavy rock fan with a dark touch.” (

“(…) sounds like Muse and Audrey Horne are in the studio together. Spacey riffs and a hint of bombast are mixed with heavy metal with a punk attitude. So highly recommended.” (

Photo: Kenneth Augdal

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Extreme metal located in Tromso/Norway

Chicxulub – The Fossil Record released 18 Jan 2019 on Rob Mules Records.

“Those in need of some downright heavy, progressively-minded material should easily latch right onto what the band is providing, with a combination of dark and heavy riffs with enough melody to keep the ears titillated, and an orchestral backing that delivers on a cinematic level.” (9/10,

“This Norwegian trio make a fabulous noise and have a swagger that impresses.” (8/10, Musipediaofmetal)

Photo: Endolith

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Melodic, progressive hard rock from Tromso/Norway

And In The Abyss They Sleep came out 16 Nov 2018 on Rob Mules Records.

“A super-exciting, varied, surprising, multi-layered album, which does not follow the classic Hard Rock, but creates its own world.” (10/10, Evil Rocks Hard)

“In each track are emotions that are transmitted immediately: grief, anger, nostalgia (…)” (8/10, Burn Your Eyes Webzine)

Photo: Daniel Lilleeng

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Me And You Va-Va-Voom

Hard rock from Høyanger/Norway

Their second album release on Rob Mules Records, White Awaits was released 3 Apr 2020.

The band started in the early cold winter of 2017. The music oozes surplus. Their sound is a unique blend of 80’s and 90’s American and Norwegian hardcore, with a good dose of the 90’s alternative rock scene. This is delicious-load-crashing-energy-music!

Photo: Daniel Longfellow


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Metal band from Raufoss/Norway

New album due in 2020.

Their fatalistic and introverted lyrics reflect how meaningless it really is to exist. Still, if you listen carefully, there are rays of hope to be found …

A metal quartet with lots of grit, darkness and originality (btw they’re singing in their native language). If you dig bands like Tool, Rammstein, Pantera and Black Sabbath, Kvikksand is the band for you.

Photo: Raven Photography

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Haunted By Silhouettes

Melodic death metal from Trondheim/Norway

Album The Last Day on Earth released 4 October 2019.

“If you require growls and the occasional scream over fret board manipulation and rapid fire percussion work in your metal, Haunted By Silhouettes has an album that you should hear.” (Metal Abyss)

“Melting modern sounds and Old School rhythm parts, the band mold themselves a very distinct sound that will follow them really far.” (Acta Infernalis)

Photo: Ida Juliane Remen

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