Death metal from Alta/Norway

The highly awaited sophomore album Divine Blight was released to critical acclaim 11 November 2022!

“An excellent example of melodic/technical death metal and worth anyone’s hard-earned cash.” (8/10, My Global Mind)

“An electrically charged exhibit of melodic death metal with a generous helping of technical riffs, Féleth takes their music seriously, but not themselves. They are recommended for fans of Archspire, Fit For An Autopsy and Inferi.” (

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Feleth – Divine Blight (11 Nov 2022)
Feleth – USA (14 Oct 2022)
Feleth – Avarice (9 Sep 2022)
Photo by Frank Rune Isaksen


Hard rock/stoner/doom based in Tromso/Norway

Their sixth album In Hindsight came out 13 October 2023.

“Heavy music, but melodic, refined, intelligent, well-finished, extremely well arranged: it’s doom with theatrical hints (…)” (8/10, Metalhead)

​”Excellent production, the finest songs, fantastic guitar solos, beautifully prominent bass in the mix, drums that sound like drums and a singer with a fantastic voice that I like even better in the undistorted, normal pitch.” (6,5/7, eReM Online)

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Ohmwork – Fractions (15 Dec 2023)
Ohmwork – In Hindsight (13 Oct 2023)
Ohmwork – Adrift (1 Sep 2023)
Ohmwork – Pareidolia (27 Aug 2021)
Ohmwork – Hill of Tara (4 Jun 2021)
Ohmwork – Liquid Fire (5 Mar 2021)
Ohmwork – HorrorWorks (13 Sep 2019)
Ohmwork – Sleep Killing (16 Aug 2019)
Ohmwork – Alyssa Drone (20 Oct 2017)
Ohmwork – The Self-Exploration Chair (13 Oct 2017)
Ohmwork – Requiem of the Fallen (radio edit, 15 Sep 2017)
Photo by Ohmwork


Heavy metal from Vadso/Norway

Their debut album Finnmark was released to great reviews on Rob Mules Records 3 May 2024!

In terms of genre, it is broad-legged, but never in danger of ending up in a crossroads. The band is credible and confident in its message and style, which has solid roots in hard rock, metal, trash and punk.” (5/6, Norway Rock Magazine)

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Bailltak – Finnmark (3 May 2024)
Bailltak – Kjemp! (10 Nov 2023)
Bailltak – Finnmark (single, 14 Apr 2023)
Photo by Rune Ottarsen


Hard rock/Stoner located in Flisa/Norway

Blanke Barter was released 13 September 2021 on Rob Mules Records. The album got excellent feedback from both press and fans!

“If not the Norwegian Clutch, then close enough. “Blanke Barter” rocks, pure and furious.” (7,5/10, Blabbermouth)

“With Blanke Barter, Malossi have made what is easily one of the most fascinating and engaging desert rock albums I’ve heard in a while (…)” (The Sleeping Shaman Webzine)

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Malossi – Blanke Barter (13 Aug 2021)
Malossi – Kløpp Dreieventiln (16 Jul 2021)
Malossi – Kje Me Are (11 Jun 2021)
Malossi – Drømmer På Boks (7 May 2021)
Photo by Malossi


Melodic death metal hailing from Stavanger/Norway

Their latest release, the EP From Light upon Darkness came out 24 February 2023 on Rob Mules Records.

Heavier, darker and more melodic than ever! Sublime Eyes are back to conquer all with their thrashy and epic death metal. The lyrical theme on this EP explores the temptation of evil, and the evil that man do to each other. The journey from the light to darkness. From good to evil

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Sublime Eyes – From Light unto Darkness (24 Feb 2023)
Sublime Eyes – Controlled by Fear (10 Feb 2023)
Sublime Eyes – Mørket (27 Jan 2023)
Sublime Eyes – Victims from the Grave (13 Jan 2023)
Sublime Eyes – Corrocean (23 Aug 2019)
Sublime Eyes – Med Tiden Gror (2 Aug 2019)
Sublime Eyes – We Must Unite (21 Jun 2019)
Photo by Martin Mirandab


Stoner rock from Surnadal/Norway

Studio album Silent Psalm was released 28 April 2023.

The title track ‘Silent Psalm’ is the last track on the album. And here they have saved a lovely sound experience for the end. A sad song about hopelessness and being alone towards the end, but with tones that give you goosebumps. (

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
sPoonman – Silent Psalm (28 Apr 2023)
sPoonman – The Immigrant Song (31 Mar 2023)
Photo by Nathan Lediard


Extreme metal located in Tromso/Norway

The Noise Floor Dancers EP was released 3 October 2023.

It delivers polyrhythmic grooves delivered with the sound and punch of crowbars and sledgehammers against concrete, coupled with electrifying percussive interplay, gritty growls, the contrasting sheen of futuristic synths, vibrant bowing by guest violist Willem Mathlener, and brief bursts of impassioned singing.” (No Clean Singing)

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Endolith – The Noise Floor Dancers EP (3 Oct 2023)
Endolith – Chicxulub–The Fossil Record (18 Jan 2019)
Endolith – Ichthys (7 Des 2018)
Endolith – Rex (26 Jun 2018)
Photo by Endolith


progressive hard rock formed in England, now based in TRondheim/Norway

Their debut album By A Thread came out 29 September 2023 on Rob Mules Records.

“Drawing inspiration from rock legends like Black Sabbath and straddling the line between Mastodon’s thunderous energy and Ghost’s enigmatic aura, Asmodean finds their unique place in the musical landscape.” (

““By a Thread”is a hodgepodge of influences mixed in a boiling cauldron. The broth is thick as the guitars sometimes with a bitter taste of Extreme Metal. Asmodeanmanaged to bring back some 1970’s moods just to make them new.” (

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Asmodean – By a Thread (29 Sep 2023)
Asmodean – Zooethics (22 Jun 2023)
Asmodean – Sanguine (4 May 2023)
Asmodean – Below the Line (16 Mar 2023)
Photo by Marit Røkenes


Alternative Metal from Sandnes/Norway

Their self titled studio album Nattsvermer hit the stores 22 September 2023 on Rob Mules Records.

“Although they can be considered up-and-coming, I can foresee promising potentials coming from Nattsvermer in the future with all the authenticity they present as an all-rounder in the scene.” (8/10,

However, the variation is cream, and what was good I think deserves more than just a pat on the back.” (6/10,

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Releases on Rob Mules Records:
Nattsvermer – Nattsvermer (22 Sep 2023)
Photo by Nattsvermer

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