Endolith on Rob Mules Records!

Endolith on Rob Mules Records!

These creative, eclectic and extreme metallers from Tromso/Harstad are onboard for a future release through our label.

We didn’t know much of them before they came to our attention a month ago. It took us no time to decide that this trio were more than welcome to join our roster. You can check out the links at the bottom of this article, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be amazed.

Endolith are for the time being working on their follow-up to ‘Voyager’ (released December 2016). Rob Mules Records have had the pleasure of listening to their new stuff, and let it be perfectly clear; the music sounds even more extreme than the predecessor – in all possible ways!

Go on and listen to them at Spotify, or check out their Facebook page.

Spotify  www.facebook.com/endolith/

Photo by Erling Malm

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