Band presentation – Ohmwork

Next up are Ohmwork, a power trio from Tromso/Norway.

Ohmwork have two albums, one EP and three single releases to their name. Both albums got the critics raving about an extremely tight band with the ability to tackle classic rock, progressive metal and pretty much all that is in-between.

Ohmwork were established in 2012, and held their first concert in early 2013. One year after in February 2014 they released their debut album, ‘Storm Season’. In 2015 ‘ShadowTech’ came out, and a year later ‘Mother City (EP)’ was released. This was a month before they played a blistering set at Buktafestivalen. Ohmwork have toured the Norwegian rock circuit the past five years, including support slots for Jorn.

Ohmwork will release their third album in October this year. A double concept album – nothing short of groundbreaking for a Norwegian rock act.

Photo by Kenneth Augdal

Check out the promo video of Ohmwork below!

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