Let’s Rock the Boat!

Stonebreakers release second single! ‘Let’s Rock the Boat’ hails from the upcoming debut album It’s All About Rock n’ Roll (coming out 27 Sep).

This new track will make you wanna groove, drink copious amounts of beer and have a good timeIt’s a powder keg rock-song with callbacks all the way back to Chuck Berry. Awesome guitar riffs, belting vocals and a solid groove guarantees a good time that should go well with a beer. ‘Let’s Rock the Boat’ is a party starter, and a good indication of what’s in store for the full album. 

Release date: 30 Aug 2019

Produced by Ellery Daines
Artwork by Svein-Gunnar Johansen

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Stonebreakers album details

Album title: It’s All About Rock ‘n’ Roll

Release date: 27 September 2019
LP and digitally

Track listing:

  1. Mr. Energetic
  2. Boogie Swing
  3. Crank it Up
  4. Pick Up the Slack
  5. It’s All About Rock ‘n’ Roll
  6. Let’s Rock the Boat
  7. Honky Tonk Blues
  8. Young Wild and Free
  9. Hit the Bugger
  10. Sticky Wicket

Produced by Ellery Daines
Artwork by Svein-Gunnar Johansen