Q&A with Hella Rebelliön

Rob Mules Records conducted a short but very informative and interesting interview with the guys in Hella Rebelliön. On Friday they’ll release their debut album ‘Drop the Soap’. In that respect we got on with a nice little Q&A.

Hella Rebelliön are:
Markus Olausen – vocals
Mikal Eriksen – guitar
Rune Nordheim – guitar
Øystein Westrum – bass
Sindre Brunes – drums

For more info on Hella Rebelliön, take a peak at this location: facebook.com/hellarebellion

1. Who is Hella Rebelliön, and what’s the story behind your band name?

Hella Rebelliön is an aggressive punk rock band from the west coast of Norway, which is inspired by Oslo’s late 90’s – early 2000 punk and metal scene in Norway. The name is coincidental and was chosen simply because it was cool and catchy. Rune chose the first word: Hella, and Sindre: Rebelliön.

2. Your album is titled ‘Drop the Soap’ and consists of eight tracks. In short, give a presentation of each track: how it came about, lyrics etc.

All the songs are composed by Rune and Sindre, while Markus writes all the lyrics. We had no limits or boundaries on how the album was going to turn out. We just simply play whatever we want as long as it sounds cool to our ears.

3. You involved Hugo Alvarstein (Raga Rockers) in the latter stages of completing the album (stem-mixing and mastering). What’s the story behind this move?

Just after a short conversation with Hugo, we realized that working with him would make the album even better. So, after we finished recording, we sent the whole album to him. He is extremely professional, and we are quite content with him finishing the album, and we definitely want to keep working with him on the next one.

4. Tell us about the awesome cover art. Who is Prins Preben?

Preben is a very talented local artist, so we decided to choose his art work on the ‘Drop the Soap’ cover (find out more about Prins Preben here.)

5. What’s in store for Hella Rebelliön the coming year? Any tours planned? New album in the horizon?

To play on the best stages with the best bands.

6. Can you tell us about your influences, bands you like? What is Hella Rebelliön ‘built upon’?

We love Norwegian punk and metal bands like Silver, Zugly, Immortal, Kvelertak, etc.

That’s all for now. People, be sure to check out this album when it arrives on April 27. You’ll find it on pretty much every digital outlet there is. ‘Drop the Soap’ will slap your face and hit you in the belly (in a nice but hard way), and keep your head banging from start to finish!

Band photo by Hella Rebelliön

One more thing! Check out these 15 tracks from Hella’s own playlist. Their personal favorites. Songs that make them tick:

Hella Rebelliön – ‘Drop the Soap’

Digital release April 27 on Rob Mules Records.

Track listing:

  1. Poison
  2. Death Proof
  3. K-9
  4. Kjøde
  5. Rebelliön
  6. Drop the Soap
  7. F.Y.C.C
  8. Summerknife

Engineered, recorded & mixed by Fredrik Ingebrigtsen (Ocean Sound Recordings & Front Row Studio)
Stem-mixed, edited & mastered by Hugo Alvarstein

Cover art by Prins Preben