‘Chicxulub – The Fossil Record’ by Endolith!

Endolith continues their musical journey with an album seething with groove, tension and dark atmosphere, fusing old and new into a unique extreme metal expression.

Chicxulub – The Fossil Record will be out 18 January 2019 on double vinyl and digitally!

Track listing:
1. Grazing Herbivores
2. Bloodfiends
3. Nest Scrape Display
4. Rex
5. Ichthys
6. Mount Evidence
7. Diseasons
8. KPg Impactor
9. Chicxulub

Art work by Kristine Marie Børresen and Endolith

Kvikksand on Rob Mules Records!

We proudly announce the addition of Kvikksand to our ranks!

An album release is scheduled to March/April 2019. We can’t wait to dig into new music from this mean, dark and powerful metal quartet from Raufoss/Norway.

Check out their Facebook page here.

Photo by Raven Photography