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Prospect single release

'Blame It on the Booze' will be released 18th of June! A little hard on the bottle? You like a good...

Malossi launch new track

'Kje Me Are' is coming out on Rob Mules Records 11th of June! 'Kje Me Are' is the second single from...

‘Hill of Tara’ out June 4!

In prehistoric times Hill of Tara was the seat of power where kings reigned. In ancient Irish religion and mythology,...

Kvikksand album news!

With the album Misantropia Kvikksand take the dark, cold and desperate one step further. The eight songs are characterized by anger,...

‘Misantropia’ by Kvikksand

With new album ready to hit the stores in May, an epic track will proceed it a month beforehand. The album...

Malossi on RMR!

Songs from the deep Norwegian woods, doused with elements of stoner and 70s heavy rock! Malossi are the latest addition to...

Razorbats unleash second single!

Razorbats unleash a feel good hit for feel bad workers!  Have you ever had a dead-end job with a terrible boss? Struggling to get through the week, so...

Ohmwork release new track!

Ohmwork will be releasing 'Liquid Fire' 5 March 2021! Studio album is due later this year. With new drummer Einar Petersen...