Q&A with Spitfire

The Norwegian four-piece Spitfire released ‘Burning Your Shadows’ back in May on Rob Mules Records. Now, just hours since they returned to Norwegian soil, after a successful headliner-gig at the German festival Motorrock, they sit down with us to have a chat on what’s in store for Spitfire in the nearby future. For those of you who have lived under a rock the past months, Spitfire is going to release a new track called ‘Spitfire’ Friday 24 August.

Who is Spitfire, and what is the story behind your band name?

Spitfire are four guys with a common passion for music. We’ve been through lots of ups and downs together, but maybe that’s a story for later. We think that the definition of Spitfire, which is an outspoken person, or a person with a fierce temper, really suits the band. 

Spitfire will release a second track ‘FireEater’ on Rob Mules Records this Friday. Back in May ‘Burning You Shadows’ came out. In short, can you tell us how those tracks came about from start to finish?

Where ‘Burning Your Shadows’ is a snappy little rocker with a get-to-the-point arrangement, ‘FireEater’ is more of an epic song. On this one we did not want to leave out any of the original ideas for the track. We always jam some riffs, and experiment with the vocals. When we hit the studio everything was pretty much settled.

You recorded at Conclave/Earshot Studios in Bergen. What is the story behind it?

We wanted a little more metal/dirty sound, and the guys in Bergen really know their shit. We knew the studio from their work with Shag and Audrey Horne, so we wanted to try them out. And we are really happy with how it sounded!

What’s in store for Spitfire the coming year? Any tours planned? Maybe a new album will see the light of day?

We’ve just returned from a festival in Germany, and we are doing a show at a new local venue this fall. We are mainly focusing on writing new material, but we’ve already booked shows and festivals for next year. 2019 will be exiting.

Can you tell us about your influences, bands you like?

Obviously all the classic hard rock and metal bands, Sabbath, Motörhead, NWOBHM, thrash, southern rock … then some odd bands – check out the mixtape we made for you!

And to the last question. We are dying to know: How was it touring with the legendary Doro Pesch?

Awesome, just awesome! Doro, the band and the entire crew is super-nice, and everything is very professional. They have been doing this forever, and still do 200+ concerts every year. Some of the guys in the crew have been touring for 40 years with some of the biggest acts. The stories they could tell was hilarious! Doro is known everywhere in Europe, and it was packed in every venue. And the crowd loved us too, so it was just amazing!

Visit Spitfire on Facebook, and check out ‘Burning Your Shadows’ on Spotify.

Band photo by Thor Lillestøl

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