Deception album details

Album title: Epidemic

Release date: 20 September 2019
LP, CD and digitally

Track listing:

  1. Repent
  2. Penitential Psalm
  3. Grimalkin
  4. The Merchant
  5. Gangrene
  6. Memento Mori

Produced by Deception
Logo & design by Jobert Mello at Sledgehammer Graphix

Q&A with Deception

This Friday Deception release another track from their forthcoming album Epidemic. ‘Grimalkin’ is the second (first one was ‘Penitential Psalm’ released 1st of March) of a string of single releases coming out before the new studio album in September. Rob Mules Records spoke to the drummer of Deception, Einar Petersen. What we found out is that they seem to never rest, and Einar is a man with a plan! Read on to find out what’s in store for the uncompromising foursome from Stavanger.

Who are Deception?

Deception is a Norwegian Death metal band from Stavanger. Earlier known as Art of Deception, but recently we changed our band name after a lineup change in late 2018/early 2019. Since our establishment in 2012 we have already managed to play big festivals like the Bloodstock Festival and Karmøygeddon, but also supported big acts like Testament, Nile, Entombed a.d, Insomnium, Tribulation, Kvelertak and Blood Red Throne.

Your album is called Epidemic, tell us about it.

The new record is called Epidemic and it’s based on the Great Plague. Most of these songs have been a collaboration between the different members of the band. We have been discussing parts and just kept pushing each other to write better.

‘The Merchant’ – A super fast and brutal song about The Merchant. Bringer of the plague.

‘Gangrene’ – One of the heaviest songs we have ever made. Almighty and powerful.

‘Grimalkin’ – The longest song on the record, full of intricate parts and tells the story of a grim old lady figure looking to clench her thirst for blood and keep the plague spreading.

‘Penitential Psalm’ – One of the more groovy ones we have done with a chorus you are bound to remember. It keeps the story going by explaining how humanity is suffering through the seemingly endless torment of the plague.

‘Memento Mori’ – Remember you WILL die.

‘Grimalkin’, the second single from Epidemic


Tell us about the cover art?

The cover art is made by Den unge herr Holm (Kim Holm). An amazing artist and a great guy from Bergen who we met at Psykopath´s release gig last year. I talked to him about the idea we had for this new record and Holm was sure he would nail it. Well, he fucking did! The logo and the extras on the album is made by Jobert Mello (Sledgehammer Graphix) who we were recommended to by Martin Skar Berger who was the knob-turner on our last record Path of Trees.

What is the story behind the production of your album?

The drums were recorded at Lydplaneten Studio this time and that is about it with studios. You can’t really call Sindre’s bedroom a studio. We have to give a shoutout to those hardworking boys at Lydplaneten! We are hoping to record an album like the pros do in the near future, but the industry is hard, and having enough money to make these great productions is just a dream for now. On this record, we hired mastermind Lasse Lammert to do the mix and master.

What’s in store for Deception the coming year?

We have been playing almost every weekend since after Christmas last year. We will try to keep the pace all of 2019. Gigs are coming in and there are always touring plans!

Talking about sound and style, tell us about your influences, bands you like?

Deception have inspiration coming from a lot of different places. It sounds like a cliché to not place ourselves in a certain genre though, so we would say our main inspiration comes from old school death metal bands like Entombed, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy and Blood Red Throne.


Visit Deception at Facebook and Instagram. Below you can listen to their mixtape!