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Blanke Barter

Q&A with Malossi

Malossi's 'Blanke Barter' is out 13.august. Last week we had a chat with the band – just days before the...

Kløpp Dreieventiln!

'Kløpp Dreieventiln' will be released July 16 and is the third single from the album Blanke Barter. Wide guitars, a hard...

Blanke Barter

Malossi album Aug 13!

New album Blanke Barter will be out on Rob Mules Records August 13, 2021! Blanke Barter is the second album from...

Malossi launch new track

'Kje Me Are' is coming out on Rob Mules Records 11th of June! 'Kje Me Are' is the second single from...

Single release from Malossi!

'Drømmer På Boks' will be released 7th of May on Rob Mules Records. It's the first single from the album...

Malossi on RMR!

Songs from the deep Norwegian woods, doused with elements of stoner and 70s heavy rock! Malossi are the latest addition to...