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‘The Merchant’ by Deception

Third single coming this Friday! 'The Merchant' will be released on all digital platforms 24 May! Cover art by Kim Holm Logo and design...

Q&A with Deception

This Friday Deception release another track from their forthcoming album Epidemic. 'Grimalkin' is the second (first one was 'Penitential Psalm'...

‘Grimalkin’ by Deception!

It's time for a second single release coming from the forthcoming album Epidemic by Deception. 'Grimalkin' will be out on...

‘The City’ by Razorbats

Razorbats are back! Razorbats will release the track «The City» as a radio single 19 April, and follow up with a 7" vinyl release 7th of June. It...

Q&A with Stonebreakers

Stonebreakers are ready to launch "Boogie Swing" on Rob Mules Records 15 Feb. In that regard we had a nice...

Autokarma on Rob Mules Records!

Great news! Autokarma from Hamar has signed a deal for a future album release on Rob Mules Records. If everything...


Stonebreakers from Tromso/Norway are the latest addition to our band roster. A great hard-hitting rock'n roll band rooted in 70's...