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Double release Nov 10!

There will be two releases coming from Rob Mules Records Nov 10. Razorbats is set to release a track called, 'Social Rejects' from their forthcoming...

Cover art of Disintegrate by Adjentist!

Track listing: Future: Digging Graves Collapse Disintegrate Oathbreaker Hollow Heart Reincarnated Evil Solid State Shallow Within Standstill Release date: 15th of...

Hellflower – cover art!

Hellflower will release their debut 24th of November - a four track EP titled, 'Orange'. Track listing: Orange Barrel of the...

Ohmwork releases single!

Ohmwork is set to release 'Requiem of the Fallen' September 15. It will be released on all digital stores through Rob...

Welcome Adjentist to our roster!

Rob Mules Records gives you Adjentist! The band was formed in 2012. Since their release of 'Riven Liaison EP' (2014) they've...

Band presentation – Phandrom

Phandrom will release their much anticipated debut album on Rob Mules Records. The album has been in the making (on...

Hellflower onboard!

Hellflower is a band of four extremely talented individuals. They emerged in late 2014. A band of young men, but their songwriting are...