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Q&A with Razorbats

It's time to look back and shed some light on Razorbats' excellent album 'II' (released Feb 16, 2018). It was...

Q&A with Hellflower

Hellflower released the EP 'Orange' in November last year to great critical acclaim (from those who discovered the beauty of...

Q&A with Hella Rebelliön

Rob Mules Records conducted a short but very informative and interesting interview with the guys in Hella Rebelliön. On Friday...

Art of Deception releases single!

'Lysjakt' is a track from Art of Deception's forthcoming album 'Path of Trees' that will be released later this year. The...

Hella Rebelliön – ‘Drop the Soap’

Digital release April 27 on Rob Mules Records. Track listing: Poison Death Proof K-9 Kjøde Rebelliön Drop the Soap F.Y.C.C Summerknife Engineered,...

‘II’ by Razorbats

Release date: Feb 16, 2018 CD-release and digitally through Rob Mules Records. Track listing: The Waiting Take It Out On The Road ...