Artist: Ohmwork
Labels: Own, Rob Mules
Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
People: Anders L. Rasmussen (Lead Vocals, Guitar) - Børge Bendiksen (Drums) - Helge Nyrud (Bass)

Album Reviews

For Those About To Rock, We Salute You. This is Rock'n Roll as it should be. Keep up.



1. Mother City
2. Shadow Hunters
3. Devils Dance
4. Judas

About Album

A power trio from Tromso/Norway.

“You can hear it in their music, sophomore album ‘ShadowTech’ boasting infuences such as Sabbath and Lizzy. And then there’s their playing; this is a band full of the kind of swagger that’s born of miles on the road and hours in the studio. They’re tight, too: the kind of tightness that only three-pieces seem able to muster; the instruments practically breathing together.” (Powerplay, October 2015 by Wayne Simmons)

Photo: Kenneth Augdal


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