Art of Deception

A death metal band from Stavanger/Norway

Art of Deception was founded in 2012. In 2016 they released the album ‘Shattered Delusions’, and the single ‘Killing’. New album is due in June 2018.

Art of Deception has been playing shows around Norway, parts of eastern Europe, and even won a music award. Recently they have toured with Nile and Terrorizer throughout Europe.

Their style can be characterized as modern with an old school approach to writing heavy, melodic riffs. This combination makes for a unique sound.

Photo: Oda Agnore Skattum


Classic rock from from Bergen/Norway

In recent years, Spitfire has been touring twice as ‘special guests’ with Doro Pesch in Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Netherlands and Hungary.

Picture yourself a dark basement, a place between wild mountains and the fjords of the western coast of Norway, the combination of an ancient Norwegian attitude, 70’s classic rock and metal. During the WW-II legendary fighter Supermarine Spitfire ruled the sky in these areas, and today the band Spitfire is delivirering the same supersonic and fire-spitting goods!

New music from Spitfire is coming out May 18!

Photo: Arve Ullebø


Classic hard rock located in Alta/Norway

Debut album will be out May 25, 2018. ‘Victims of the Sea’ is mixed and mastered by the legend, Jan Erik Kongshaug.

Phandrom is playing classic rock with a contemporary touch. All original material exclusively. The music of Phandrom is based upon strong original material written in a time span of 40 years.

Photo: Freddy Ludvig Larsen


Metal/hardcore located in Stavanger/Norway

The follow-up to ‘Fumar Mata’ (2016) and ‘Litium Og Aent Smågodt’ (2015) will be out fall 2018.

“Veislakt continues the legacy of the 4 Greats in Norwegian rock and delivers an impressive debut album that rocks colossally” (5/6 Norway Rock Magazine)

“The heaviness of Purified in Blood, the attitude of Ingenting. With the dialect of the latter” (5/6 Stavanger Aftenblad)

Photo: Veislakt

Hella Rebelliön

Hardcore/punk/metal band from Ålesund/Norway

Their music is aggressive and it sounds massive and tight as hell! It’s metal but with a lot of punk elements thrown in for good measure – it’s the unique sound of Hella Rebelliön!

Formerly known as Long Lasting Train (who has shared the stage with Kvelertak, Oslo Ess and Shevils, among other things), they’ve now got two new members to their line-up, and changed the name of the band.

Their debut album ‘Drop the Soap’ was released April 27, 2018.

Photo: Hella Rebelliön


Extreme metal located in Tromso/Norway

“They’ve blended to the blackened core elements of Djent, Industrial, Technical Metal and even Jazz in the shape of some wonderfully deranged wailing sax and still manage an old school ‘nod’ in there too, sucking it all in like a massive black hole then spewing it forth again as one seriously good album.” (

Second album will be out fall 2018.

Photo: Endolith


Hard rock from Oslo/Norway

Razorbats released their critical acclaimed ‘II’ on Rob Mules Records Feb 16, 2018.

“Razorbats II is already in February a strong contender for the title “Album of the Year”” – (9,5/10, Neckbreaker, Germany)

“This is a simply great album that I have been playing repeatedly since I got it. If you can’t have fun with Razorbats’ II album, do everyone a favor and don’t go to parties… You’re lame, boring, and would just bring people down.” – (9/10, Glitter 2 Gutter, USA)

Photo: Yngvar Sørensen


Melodic, progressive hard rock from Tromso/Norway

Follow-up to their debut, ‘Northern Gothic’ is due in fall 2018.

“The Norwegians have set a milestone here with their debut, which can hardly be surpassed.” (Metal Underground Webzine Austria)

“The riffs are heavy, intense and technically at the highest level.” (Earshot Newsletter)

Photo: Daniel Lilleeng


Power trio based in Tromso/Norway

Ohmwork released ‘Alyssa Drone’ Oct 20, 2017 through Rob Mules Records.

“With their third release, the double concept album ‘Alyssa Drone’, Ohmwork is heading towards the heavyweight division of hard rock” (8/10, Blackmoon)

“The adventurous music lovers can expect hours of joy with this release. After each round in the turnaround it grows on you” (5/6, iTromso)

“Ohmwork has released an exciting, cool and stylish album that deserves to be checked out by by all fans of rock and metal. (5/6, The Wilhelmsens)

Photo: Kenneth Augdal

Tonic Breed

Trash metal from Sarpsborg/Norway

Follow-up to ‘Outsold’ is coming out sometime in 2018.

“For an unsigned act Outsold has one of the best productions I have heard in a long time. Simply put it’s a fantastic album.” (Teeth of the Devine)

“10/10. Album of the year 2014.” (The Metal Review)

“Tonic Breed could easily advance up the ranks thanks to this impressive release.” (Metal Temple)

Photo: Lars Andresen


Metal from Andenes/Norway

Debut album ‘Orange’ was released Nov 24, 2017 through Rob Mules Records.

Hellflower is a four piece from Andenes that emerged in late 2014. Hellflower plays metal with numerous elements from other genres, making for a different and interesting musical experience.

“All in all in impressive debut” (6/10 Blackmoon)

“This is the new shit indeed, people, yes indeed. This is Hellflower and this is their debut EP, ‘Orange’. When is all is said and, done, played and sung, it and they are going to color you well-pleased, trust me” (

Photo: Sofie Holter


Progressive/experimental metal from Tromso/Norway

The album ‘Disintegrate’ was released Dec 15, 2017 through Rob Mules Records.

Adjentist is a six piece progressive metal band that hails from the cold and frosty mountains north of Norway. The band was formed in august 2012, and had intentions of creating something a little different in their local music society. The members of Adjentist derived from several different bands in Tromso.

Photo: Per Kristian Bergmo